Community Chat Rules

Petal App features community chats where users can share information and support one another. 


As a user of Community Chats, you must follow a set of rules:   

  1. Treat everyone with love and respect. We don’t tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying and any other form of hate speech/personal attacks. 

  2. Be aware of what you say here. Some users may struggle more than others.

    1. Add sensitive warnings when your post could be even slightly triggering. 

    2. No numbers related to weight, food, exercise, and other measurements are allowed

    3. Selfies, body shots are not allowed

    4. Weight loss tips are not allowed

  3. Keep your posts relevant. You should look through the existing topics to choose a proper one for your post. 

  4. Providing any medical advice or claiming to be a healthcare professional is strictly prohibited. 

  5. Keep in mind that comments here are not medical advice. In case of any concerns about your health, please consult a doctor. 

  6. Petal chats are constantly moderated, but you can always report abusive, triggering comments and any inappropriate behaviour. 


At our sole discretion, we reserve our right to: 

  1. Delete any inappropriate or irrelevant comments or materials

  2. Delete or modify comments containing personal data, such as name, address or e-mail. 

  3. Restrict or ban your access to Community chat at any time and without notice if we determine that the content or use of Community Chat is in violation of this agreement.

  4. Use, copy, modify, reshuffle, move, change, publicly display, publicly conduct and distribute discussions, comments and materials. 

  5. Block your comments for nay reasons or moderate them as we deem appropriate. 

  6. Disable Community chat at any time without prior notification.