Why Peer Support is important when you are having a poor relationship with food?


Going through an eating disorder, disordered eating or having a problematic relationship with food can often be a very isolating experience. Many people do not always understand what a person struggling with such a problem is going through. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding in society. Understandably, it can often be scary and hard to open up to other people and share such an intimate experience as your relationship with food and body.


However, in our experience, meeting each other and learning about each other's disordered eating story, was one of the best things that could happen for our relationship with food.

For instance, Dameli has never spoken to anyone openly about her disordered eating until she met Aidana. To be exact, she didn't understand her problem entirely until she could discuss it with another person. Speaking out loud about her problematic relationship with food, allowed her to finally believe in the fact that it is a serious condition that should be addressed.


Learning from Aidana's experience, she has found comfort and confidence in building her path towards a more balanced attitude to food. Finding someone who could relate to her experience was a relief and it didn't feel that lonely anymore. Eventually, Dameli was able to move away from diet mentality, which was occupying and adversely affecting her life for the past 8 years. As a result, supporting each other during difficult food-related moments, sharing relatable stories and giving tips on how to deal with triggering situations, helped both of us to achieve and maintain a healthy relationship with food.


Therefore, having someone who could truly understand, encourage and cheer you up on a complicated path towards a balanced relationship with food can be extremely helpful. However, finding such people can often be very hard, given how much stigma there still is around the topic in our society. That is why you can find community chats in Petal App community chats. We have built Petal community chats to provide a safe and positive environment where you can connect with a supportive community. We hope that you will meet and make new friends, inspire each other with success stories and have that 

much-needed support during challenging times. Petal App community chats are constantly moderated to ensure a safe environment for everyone: no hate speech or triggering topics are allowed on the chats. In case you find something triggering personally for you, you can also always block such posts and form a complaint.

Going through a problematic relationship with food should not feel lonely. Go ahead and use community chats to seek much-needed support or share your own success stories to inspire others!