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A mobile app that helps you build a happy and healthy relationship with food.

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Our Story

Hi friend, 

Poor relationship with food is no fun, especially when today's world seems at times overwhelming and hostile. My 6-year long experience with an eating disorder made me recognize the challenging barriers that many of the sufferers face. Miserable, depressed, and lonely - that is how I felt during my lowest points in life. Screenshots of my calorie tracking app (that show ridiculous numbers) remind me of the most painful experiences I have to date.


It was during this time that I didn’t know where to find the right help, didn’t have someone to talk to, and was overwhelmed with conflicting and unreliable information on diets and health. I realized there was no one place where one can get the right professional help, community support, and credible information that actually helps. 


I met Dameli, my co-founder, while studying at university. We bonded, after quickly realizing that we had a similar experience with our problematic relationship with food. We talked and it helped because we knew that we were not alone. So we decided to embark on a mission to help sufferers build a happy and healthy relationship with food. We hope that Petal app will give you support that I and Dameli lacked. 






Petal App is coming soon

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